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Each workshop is comprised of lecture time and workshop time.  Each workshop is designed to give instructors
or trainers an opportunity to experience the class format and exercises offered, so come prepared to sweat!

2017 Workshop Menu -
a list of all workshops we are offering for 2016.  To find a scheduled workshop near you,
click on "calendar."

TRX, BOSUs, Kettlebells and MORE: Toys and Tools for Small Group Training: Dozens of creative ideas for using
equipment in conditioning classes or small group training sessions. Maximize results with whatever equipment your
facility has to offer. 2 AAAI/ISMA CECs. Presented by Jennifer Miller. $50.

Body weight exercises for allover strength and endurance that can be done anywhere anytime without equipment.
These exercises are ideal for small group training, Bootcamp classes, or personal training sessions. Learn to teach
these exercises effectively and safely in a group setting or one-on-one. 2 AAAI/ISMA CECs. Presented by Jennifer
Miller. $50

STEP TRAINING FOR 2016: A new look at an old standard. Steps are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in
your fitness studio. Learn options for athletic training drills, bodyweight exercises, and core strength utilizing the step.
2 AAAI/ISMA CECs. Presented by Jennifer Miller. $50

Power Yoga: The Fusion of Yoga and Functional Fitness. Functional fitness develops strength for the activities of
everyday life and keeps our bodies active and moving as we age. Functional fitness exercises integrate whole body
strength rather than isolate one muscle or muscle group. Power Yoga will explore strength-based yoga postures to
develop greater overall muscle tone, more core control, and perfect posture. Experience the fusion of yoga and
functional fitness and take home innovative yoga posture sequences to use with your clients or classes. 2
AAAI/ISMACECs. Presented by Jennifer Miller. $50.
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